Saturday, November 19, 2011

this whole work thing

I'm pooped!

I need to come up with a good time to write here.  Writing at the cafe doesn't work.  I need to keep my train of thought.  evenings Is J time.  I'm thinking mornings while I eat my oats.

I had to reprimand a girl yesterday.  I was a little worried.  I hate that kind of stuff.  But she took it well.  She's 18, and this is her first job.  Kinda...ditzy.  It's amazing what no life experience is like!  Flower (the co-habitant of the cafe space, who runs a florist shop, and who ran the cafe before we took over) says she'll do anything you ask.  18 asks a lot of questions.  Why is it done this way?  Why can't I have people in the cafe when it's closed?  Poor girl is pretty clueless, but the fact she asks questions (I hope means) she is learning. 

The job overall is a good one.  I feel like it's below where I should be in life, or maybe I feel that pressure from others, but hell, I'm a manager at least.  One of my dreams is to own a cafe, so this is one step closer to knowing how.  Maybe it feels like a step back because I've been doing cafe stuff so long.

I've also been feeling somewhat Manic.  I get to worrying that I'm going to crash.  I'm trying to remember to just be with the high, and not anticipate a fall.

The past few weekends I've seen friends a lot.  That certainly helps.  Thems good people.

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