Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

I don't like St. Patrick's day.  Actually, I don't agree with it, or I don't agree with what it has become. 

I'm assuming (because I'm not going to bother researching because I'm a lazy bum remember?) that it was/is a Catholic thing.  So why do we all 'celebrate' this holiday?  WITH GETTING FALLING DOWN DRUNK?

I don't drink.
I don't judge you for drinking, even for getting drunk.  I don't understand *why*, but I'm not judging.

Back to St. Patrick's day.  Fine, you gunna go get hammered?  Why are you using this 'holiday' to excuse it?

I guess we generally feel we need a reason to have fun (if you call feeling sick the next day fun...).  From "I had a bad day, give me chocolate" to "hey!  it's a random day with a St.'s name attached to it!  let's get hammered"


I think I just became enlightened!  In Pema Chodron's "living with uncertainty" she talks a bit about pleasure, and avoiding seeking it out.  I never really understood that.  What is wrong with having chocolate ice cream, or even a beer?  I *think* it's not so much the chocolate or beer, or even getting drunk that is the 'problem', but the seeking out an escape, or pleasure.  It's the *looking* that's the 'problem'.  If we are looking for something different, we aren't living and accepting now.

"I want chocolate, it will make me happy"  is different from "sure, I'll have a piece of chocolate since you offered, mmmmm it's good"

I've 'given up' drinking because I don't feel I need it.  I tell people that I can act like a fool with out it.  And who wants to be sick the next day anyway?  ON PURPOSE even.

So, think about that.  I promise promise promise I don't look down upon you for drinking any more than I look down upon the people I serve coffee to everyday.  I'm no exception.  I have my 'vices', I'm not better than you.


I'm feeling rather strange about all this though.  I think I'm scared I'm going to offend people for telling them not to seek out pleasure.  I'm not sure I can articulate exactly what I mean. 

Feeling good  isn't bad.

I've been working on not seeing *anything* as bad or good.  Things just are. 
If you *are* feeling offended by what I said, maybe (I'm going to do it again I think...) maybe there is a reason you feel offended?

By you reading this doesn't mean I think you need to think this along with me.  It doesn't mean I think I'm right.  But just that it feels right to me.

have I stuck my foot way up there? 

I hope you understand. 


  1. Heh. I don't think I'd drink if it made me ill - I so rarely, RARELY drink to 'excess' now that I'm older and wiser. I still maintain that I enjoy all SORTS of beverages - coffee and tea and cup-o-soup at work, juice, milk, club soda and water at home - and when I go out? Alcohol.

    I actually don't like St. Patrick's day either - I don't like any holiday period, but especially loathe any that bring out hordes of people behaving badly. Which most do, lol, hence me always being inside for NYE, never shop on Boxing Day, etc.

    My FB post, which lead you here if I may be so vain (although perhaps you've other folks posting in green font, who knows!) was just about me being whiny and seeking attention for coining a term I thought clever, because I'll head out tonight with some friends who, albeit, are the 'type' to 'need' an excuse.

    I miss you.


  2. oh no, this has been festering for a little bit lol. Wasn't directed at you at all! xxoo