Friday, March 30, 2012

the durings and afters

It's been just over a month since I miscarried (I see the Doc on the 11th to find out more).

I've had a really interesting time observing my body change back to pre pregnancy.

One of the very first things that happened was my breasts pretty much deflated.  Poof, gone.  *sad*
One of the worst parts is that I'm still 20 Lbs overweight (I'd say 5-10 of that happened before, after I broke my finger and stopped gardening.)  The lower abdomen is 'flat' again.  It had started to pop out. 
My lower back and hips had to move back, they had started to hurt from spreading, and a month later I believe they're done. 
My appetite is back to normal.  I hadn't realized how ravenous I was! 
I also don't have to pee nearly as much.  That was hormonal at that stage.  I revel in being able to hold it now!
I'm also not dead tired either.  That was starting to ebb some, as it was supposed to, but still.  wow.  (Motivation isn't back though...I suspect lack of motivation had nothing to do with being pregnant)
Being pregnant suited me.  My hormones where stable!  I had one major break down because pants didn't fit.  other than that, life was quite pleasant.  Now.  I feel that old bitch creeping back. 
And my FACE.  Breakout city.  ugh.

All in all, people have been good about it.  I've taken the outlook that is someone says something, it means they care, and if it's not *quite* right, it's because they just don't know what else to say.  And the people who I know know, but don't say anything, just don't know what to say and have decided to stay quiet.  My first day of work back was like that.  No one said anything.

I've also been amazed at how many women (and a couple guys) have told me it happened to them too.  Not being alone in this helps too. 

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  1. that's very generous. You're very generous. And very courageous. I find this posting above courageous and generous. I hardly know you, like not at all, and I'm glad to know you. I know that makes no sense, and I know it also makes sense. Arno