Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the food situation

So.  I feel like ass.  My joints ache, my head hurts and I'm feeling foul.  At this moment, I'm attributing the yuck with food. 

I decided that after Easter I was going to cut out (again!) refined sugar, wheat, coffee and most dairy.  This isn't really all that new or drastic for me, but after the miscarriage I started eating whatever I wanted. 

I'm allowing myself for now to keep black and green tea, and honey, agave and maple syrup.  This will change once I start seeing my naturaupath and acupuncturist I'm sure.

It's not worth hurting so much.  I'm ill.  This is not normal.  This can't be ageing, I'm 32! 

My assumption is inflammation.  I know that something inflames my ileo-cecal valve, and that causes pain and inflammation other places.

*time passing*

I had to look up the spelling for ileo-cecal and I found THIS! 
This is it.  I've known for a while about the valve.  In a Vitality magazine they where talking about inflammation and they described my symptoms to a T.  This is even better.  I found information on closing the valve .  I can't wait to talk to my health team about this!

I must say, after looking at a whole bunch of stuff I'm rather frutrated at the other doctors I've seen.  The GI specialist didn't even think to suggest the valve, even though I pointed directly at it and said "this is where it hurts"  oh well, I know now, and I hope this helps!

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