Monday, April 23, 2012

a rambly update: long and boring or helpful and informative?

I seem to be able to update once a week.  This week I've thought several times about writing, but didn't have the huzpah.  Today I work at 12:30, so I'm not tired yet!

Miscarriage update:

I did indeed have a partial molar pregnancy.  We have to use birth control for 6 months (4.5 to go!) because if the tissue wasn't 100% expelled it can continue to grow, and will produce HCG hormones, exactly like pregnancy.  The info I linked to says one year, but I'll be getting monthly blood work (to test hormone levels), and hey, I'm going with my doctor, not the internet on this one!  I had been worrying about cancer, but it seems as though with a *partial* mole it's even less likely than a complete mole. 

Happy news:

My cousin had her baby Pip.  A little scary because he was almost a month early, and breech.  She ended up having a C section.  Everyone is healthy.  That's all I know because they had decided to have 2 weeks of just the 3 of them.  Updates to follow!  I'm a little envious, but very happy for them.  She's the oldest cousin, so I'm glad she got to have this first!  I hope I can take *full* advantage of handmedowns next...September/October? (here's hoping!)  the best part is my aunt and uncle (Pips Oma and Opa) had been travelling all winter and rushed home to be here for Easter.  So glad they are here now.


Edith is performing this Thursday for the first time since October.  I hope I can fit into her dress!
An acquaintance of mine had started a group for people to 'play'.  I'm hoping to join them this year to expand my learning.  I've been going to a bi monthly 'clown jam' too.  Where a nose of clowns (like a pride of lions, or a flock of birds!) get together and run through turns and develop characters.  Very helpful and encouraging.


oh boy!  J lost his job in February.  This month we are getting by by the skin of our teeth.  I am now working 2 jobs.  And working 6-7 days a week.   I went back to my old boss and picked up 2 days doing maintenance.  And of course...the reason I felt I needed to get second job was because I wasn't getting hours at Starbucks...I had 35 last week.  I'm not going to complain about it though, we just hired someone else, so I'm sure my hours will go down again...
J has an interview/test at the place he wants to work at today.  it's casual, and J doesn't know what that means...but it's more than he's doing now, and a foot in the door.

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