Sunday, April 29, 2012


I'm doing the good ol' start over.
Something I do every so often when I think I've been doing nothing but sitting at the computer all day.

Like a year and a month ago...That didn't last very long...
I think it was just too much.

This time my plan of action:
Make fertilitea
Drink cup of water while water is boiling
Stretch, starting with the bits that ache, my hips, knees and shoulders.
Get dressed,
Make breakfast
Take vitamins
Eat breakfast and drink tea.

On mornings I don't have to be at work early, I'll add in the oil pulling and morning writing again.

After work, before I sit down, I NEED to get back to my daily household chore list.  I am going to spend 20 minutes every day on one chore, and 5 minutes on each other chore.  BEFORE I SIT DOWN.  This is very important!  Once I sit, I'm toast.

And once I's time to meditate.

I hope I can make this work this time. 

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