Monday, April 16, 2012

staying up and being social

This weekend I was social!
I went out Saturday, after getting up at 4:30am, and not napping (I tried, I couldn't sleep!).  I went out to a pub crawl and and fundraising event.

I do not do pub crawls, but this involved dressing like a why the heck not.  And J wanted to come, and he's even less social than I am, so I try and make sure we get out when he feels like it.  I don't do pub crawls because I (in general) don't like drunk people.  They are annoying (yes, eve you my dear friends).  I also don't enjoy the wrangling of drunk I just don't bother.
It was a rather short pub crawl, and we got there late, and it ended at the fundraiser.  And I miss my friends! so it was worth it this time! 

(I'd just like to say again, I'm SO not judging anyone for drinking, it's just not my cuppa!)

The fundraiser was a good time.  There was a section of fire performers.  I was so pleased to see them up on stage.  4/5 years ago I was going to 'circus jam' and a handful of the performers where basically starting from scratch back then.  It was quite amazing to see them up on stage, as a troupe, doing a gig.

The last DJ of the night was really great, and the best part about it was donning my clown nose with North and having Josh walk up to us with this clown expression of "holy shit!  you are HERE!" we clowned around some on the dance floor...and then North suggested the we got up there and had an impromptu dubstep turn.  It was a great confirmation for me!  Me and my clown bruthas.  I'd love to do more like that.  Have a handful of people show up at an event and clown around.  It was also fun to *really* let go.  I didn't think I cared what people thought when I danced.  But I found out with a nose on, I can be truly free.  (heh, philosophise *that*)  I left after that.

Got home around 3, and went to bed at 3:30.  Up for 23 hours.  Well worth it.

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