Thursday, January 24, 2013

dilemma in Beccaland

So.  I'm cheesed at the moment.

I was passed over at Starbucks for a Shift Supervisor position.  The DM (district manager) decided to strong arm my manager to promote someone else.  I feel like my SM (store manager) didn't have the balls to say no, Rebecca is next.

The DM is aware I want to be a shift, and wants to promote me, but that means leaving my store, or waiting.

There are 2 maybe-sometime-there is no time line, but as early as March but not for sure possibilities to move up in my store.  My SM is trying to fire someone, but it's next to impossible.  And there is talk of other people being promoted, but no one knows *when*. For sure in September there is a chance, as someone is going to school and is stepping down.

SO.  my dilemma.

I don't want to leave my store.  Partly because I'm a creature of habit, and I don't like learning curves, and partly because moving stores as a shift means I'm more than likely stepping on someones toes who wanted to be a shift before me.

I HATE the thought of someone being upset because *they* where passed over.  I don't want people to be upset at me.

Most peoples answer to that is "well, screw them!"  I can't do that.  If I stayed, I'd already feel guilty enough about my taking over if someone was fired.

One store that was talked about is too far to walk to.  So my raise goes right to the TTC.  but I'll also be getting 40 hours, as apposed to 20-30.

The other store is closer, but I'm not sure I'll like how the SM works.  I feel like he's kinda sneaky.

The other factor is also an unknown.  We're trying to get pregnant.  I feel like the sooner the better for me to become a shift.  So waiting until Sept. is out.

Do I sit on it, and hope a spot opens up soon?  or do I change stores and maybe be miserable with the new SM and other staff?

I'm also trying to just let things pan out, and not push or rush anything.  Like I've said before here, I believe in fate.  There are decisions that need to be made, but there is a place I'm going to be.  In the long run, I don't think it matters what decision I make.

But I DO need to make one.  I'd like to be happy while I wait for fate to pan out.  I can't just sit on my butt, I know that much.

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