Thursday, January 10, 2013

Motivation tool?

Maybe that's not the right word...but I hope my new stratagy works.

I bought a new day planner half off.  It is a set.  A day planner and a note book.  I thought the notebook was just lined pages, but it's an hour planner.  You write in the day, and break it up into hours. 

My idea is to look at my next day, at night, and break up my tasks.
Obviously one can do that with out the help of a special planner, but that's where I got the idea.

So rather than me telling myself TOMORROW I CLEAN!  I write down *when* I clean, and for how long, and when I get breaks.

I tried this yesterday.  The only problem I faced was that J was home, and had his own idea about what the day was going to be.  And I'm sick.  But I got a lot more done thatn I wold have. 

I added in when I exercise, when I go on FB, when I get to watch tv.  I didn't add pee breaks, I'm allowed to do that whenever I want.

Lets see how *this* plan goes!

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