Sunday, March 9, 2014

4, 5 and 6 weeks!

The photos have been taken, I just haven't edited them yet!!

What's been going on?

Lionel is 12LBS 4.5 OZ
He's in a crying jag.  Evenings suuuuuuuck right now.  It's that red faced, not breathing cry.  The one that makes me cry.  Supposedly this is normal for 6 weeks.
I don't much care about 'normal', 'cause normal isn't sleep.

Last week(s) J has been working day after day and on the one day off he cleaned the apartment.  That means by the end of that long work period he was exhausted, so I didn't get a break.  *sigh*
I'm not begrudging him not helping as much as he had been (naps and baths and massages!)  He needs to be alert at his job, and down time is important.
I am frustrated because that means I get no down time. 

When LeoB is sleeping he's either sleeping on me and getting up will wake him or in his swing.  If he's in his swing I rush around getting things done before it's time for him to eat.  Again.

Can you tell I'm exhausted? 

I love his little guy a tonne.  I'm glad he's here.  But my arms (and back, and feet...) hurt!

Here are a few snaps for the last few weeks:

Visit with Great Grandma (4.5 weeks)

a photo prompt from my baby group

tummy time

one month in 3 month sleeper!


Pickle and LeoB

with his 'funny guys'

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