Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Husband

I know you are waiting for the week 4 update!  I haven't processed the photos yet!  and now today we're at 5 weeks!

Instead I wanted to sing the praises of J.

I sure 'lucked out' in the daddy department!
I knew that though.  Watching him with Pickle for 10+ years.

He loves being with BunnyLion.  Always talking and singing to him.  Asking to be with him, not just when I need a break and ask.

Because J is part-time and casual we don't generally know when he'll work next.  This week his only day off was Thursday, and he works 5 day in a row after that.  AND Thursday isn't technically a day off as he is scheduled at a massage clinic.  He didn't have any appointments thank goodness.  But you know what he did?  He cleaned the apartment!

We may have problems communicating (sometimes it's like we're speaking a different language!), and sometimes he's a grumpy pants, but he's pretty amazing.

I'm part of an on-line mommy group, and the number of women complaining that their spouses are not stepping up is really sad, but makes me appreciate my guy all the more.

So thanks my love.   you are the best!!

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