Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh, it's New Years Eve

I'm not big on resolutions...mostly because I forget about them in a month.
I do like to reflect and think about things.  And decide what I might do better next year.

Communication is a big thing here.  My husband and I would fail at communication if we where being graded.  We both get quite defencive.  and I have a lot of trouble with empathy.  I've got a lot of sympathy.  When I notice how you are feeling, I'm SO there.  But put myself in your shoes, instinctively, sorry boss.  I just don't get it. 
So that's one thing to work on, empathy, and dropping the defences.

oh that reminds me of this TED talk about vulnerability:  

Yea, some food for thought eh?

I also hope to be a little less scattered.  Maybe I need a big white board.  'Cause note books and day planners don't seem to work!  (oh, I should go get one...a day planner).  It takes me like 10 hours to do 3 loads of laundry cause I keep forgetting! 

I also want to make more of an EFFORT to see my friends.  it's so easy to just go home and lump it out. 
Friends!  come over for dinner!  we don't have to have a marathon.  come over for a couple hours. 

what are your plans for change this year?  or is everything GOOD?

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