Monday, July 25, 2011

on rain, sand and love

it's 7 am.  I just bounced around the apartment yelling "rain day ya!"  and then posted that as my FB status.  There is thunder and lightning.  It's glorious.  It's been too long.  Well, other than Saturday when we got rained off the island.  That was fun too.  I was at a vow renewal ceremony.  The fun part about the rain was that no one was leaving because we where there for Kitty and Chico.

Hold on, I have to open up the windows!!  we need the fresh air.
ok, all opened up, fans going.

Right, Rain, and Love.

I get excited about rain days because I don't (generally) have to work.  And although money is tight, my work is tiring, and money isn't the end all be all.  (try to tell that to my worry wart husband, but I have Trust and Faith that things work out even in the end)  I'm also becoming disenchanted from my job/boss.  Maybe that's a story for another day.  Regardless, the rain is very much welcome.  We've had a dry spell and plants are wilting.

and now, speaking of rain.  On to sand, and where it comes into this post.  On Saturday We went to the Island for a vow renewal! YA! 

Kitty and Chico loose their heads

They brought the same rain they had on their first wedding day.  Double good luck?  It was wonderful to gather on the beach, with friends to celebrate, as, 1. they got married in Seattle the first time, and 2. Kitty didn't know (most of) us back then!  I've known Chico for...8 or 9 years, longer than I've known J.  And the transformation this relationship has made on him is sublime.  He glows now.  The pair of them together.  WOW, just WOW, as Chico would say.
Being on the (wet) beach brings home sand.  Getting caught in a down pour doesn't wash it off, it kinda makes it stick more!  Maybe that's what happens to Love.  Maybe that's why it's lucky when it rains on your wedding day.  It makes it stick more.  It rained on our wedding day too. 

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