Saturday, July 9, 2011

the week in food

 Sunday-Scalloped potatoes and Lentil patties from last week!  I didn't get a chance!
 Monday-spagetti, with spinach, zuccini and sausage, pesto or red??
Tuesday-I might be at a meeting/BBQ...
Wednesday-homemade pizza!  OMNOMNOM  we tend to take an idea and run with it for a while.
Thursday-Bangers and mash (mashed potatoes mixed with spinach, sausage, and this time, garlic scapes.
Friday-Saturday- I'm home alone...I'll make something that will last for a few days...J is gone to GrandpaW's with Pickle from Friday-Tuesday!  sheesh.

On another topic...J has a complicated family.  GW is his *birth* dad.  Pa is his adoptive dad. GrandmaD is his birth mom and Ma is his adoptive mom AND biological grandmother.  GD was really young when her and GW got into some shenanigans.  Ma is GD's mother.  So Ma and Pa adopted J.  Pa is Ma's second marriage, so he's not biologically related to anyone.  To top is off, Ma had a baby *after* GD and her sister AuntD who she gave to her mom.  WOAH. Oh AND GW has another son who is Pickles age.  So Pickle hangs out with his 'Uncle'.

What is your family like?  is it a nuclear family or rather shuffled around?

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