Wednesday, July 20, 2011

workshop Wednesday

I don't work Wednesdays.   I *do* have appointments to go to, but I also have a little more free time.  So I thought I'd share things!  Here is my Sushi workshop!  I made California Rolls.

You will need:

Nori sheets. 
Sushi rice (small fat rice)
Rice wine vinegar
a large NON metal bowl or plate
avocado sliced into strips
cucumber sliced into strips
fake crab leg sliced into smaller strips
sesame seeds
rolling mat
bowl of water
*sharp* knife

Here is a recipe on how to cook rice for sushi. 

here is my rice...on a metal, don't do like me.

Put a sheet of nori on your rolling mat.  Dip your fingers into the bowl of water and scoop up some rice.  pat it gently onto your nori sheet, leaving about an inch at the top for sealing the roll.

Sprinkle sesame seeds over rice.

Place strips of cucumber, avocado and crab at the oposit side of the bare strip of nori.

fold the bottom of the mat and roll over.  Gently squeeze as you roll (with both hands...I needed a hand to take the photo!)  Make sur you don't roll the mat with the sushi!

This takes a little practice, and your rolls might look a little wonky...but keep'll be fine!

Wet the bare edge of your roll and glue.  I place it seam edge down to help it stick while I roll more.

Using a super sharp knife, Cut the roll into 6 pieces.   Rinse the knife in water after every cut or it will be a sticky mess.

Dip in light soy sauce with wasabi! 

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