Monday, July 4, 2011

seeing and living

I changed the name of my blog.  I didn't like having the word 'bitches' there anymore.  I felt it was a little too negative.  I LOVE having Stitches and bitches with my friends...but I don't want 'bitching' to be a daily part of my life. 
I want this blog to be about my life, and how I live.  I'm trying to live bitch free.

this includes being Mindful!  I was pretty good today. 
I was mindful that I was whinging about my boss to my co-workers...That's a first step I suppose...realizing you are doing it.  next step I think is not saying it.  I'd also like to be compassionate towards him.  Not judgmental.

Being mindful for me is getting out of my head, and knowing what is going on.  that's where "seeing" come in!

Today I saw:

A bright, shiny blue beetle
a turret
a cloudless blue sky
the wind blowing the trees
a cute boy
a boy having fun driving the bob cat
an indifferent cat

1 comment:

  1. I was wondering about that! :)

    As someone who is also struggling to become more mindful I can see where you're coming from there.

    Also like the way you've defined 'mindful'...