Sunday, August 21, 2011

connection part two

So, after that last blog post (um...not the menu plan ha ha) My friend...lets call him Cory MacDonald, came up to me at a party and was all like...WTF Becca!?  OK, he didn't say that.  or maybe he did, I can't remember.  I had a whole glass of sangria...I don't remember a lot...that's also not true...the not remembering part.  I do remember.

that's why I'm *writing* this

(pardon me, I'm over tired and under coffee'd)

I had the pleasure of seeing Beat not once but twice yesterday.  It was lovely.  We where both at the party in the evening and spirits where high and we where flirty.  I somehow got on to the topic of my feeling regarding him (and North) with a handful of friends.  And they think I'm adorable (and crazy?)  But Cory was all like "WHY IS THIS A PROBLEM!?"  And I was all like "CORY!  I DON'T *KNOW!*"  So he explained it to me.  So what if I am sexually attracted to other people?  (he's married, and monogamous too...)  So?  So I have this connection with another man (crappit, men), what am I going to do about it?  Oh, nothing.  Because I love Jason, and I don't have any desire to be with anyone else. 


I'll just be over here staring at this spot on the wall feeling rather silly.

I think it's important to note that it's important to *know* this.  To know what your boundaries are.  Beat and I know.  We actually talk about it (in a very not serious, joking, fun way...and I don't even know if he read my last blog post, or if he's just all SMRT like that, or both).

So all in all.  I feel better, and less crazy about it.  Thanks Cory MacDonald.  Smooch.

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