Sunday, August 7, 2011


I just got home from my birthday party.  It was supposed to be on the islands, but it was rather rainy.  I was going to cancel, but friends, the McMacs, offered their home to host.  So very very sweet.  It made my day.  Lots of friends where there, and they made me SO happy.

On my facebook invite 25 people said they'd come.  Several people let me know for what ever reasons they couldn't come (work, fleas...) and I know that, oh, a 1/4 of those yes' wouldn't make it.  I know some people who said yes have some static with others who said yes, so I figured they might not come.  But then, there where a few people who went out of their way to say that yes they where coming and that they where so excited because it's been a while.  and they didn't come. I don't even *bother* to get my hopes up anymore.  THEY NEVER COME.  Wait...maybe 4 years ago.  I don't know the last time I hosted something, or they said they'd come to an event and the actually show up.  Unless they are performing...and then it's still a bit of a crap shoot.  I am generally pretty relaxed about it.  I wave my hand and say "meh, whatever."  I'm writing about it because I don't understand WHY it happens.  Why do they say *yes* in the first place.  Why do they then talk about it, in the affirmative, and then WHY DO THEY NOT SHOW UP?  I generally get a "so sorry we didn't make it" with no reason...probably 'cause they don't have one.

It's starting to make me feel sad and worthless.  At least to them.  I *really* like these people.  Apparently they really like me and J too.  And it hurts when I'm not worth enough to show up. 

The friends who DO come, (or have really valid reasons for not coming) make it worth it.  It was such a nice, unexpected afternoon.

I got PIE for my birthday!

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