Saturday, August 13, 2011

getting it out and down

Even if that means recanting in a few weeks.

So I suppose its no secret J and I are trying to get pregnant. 
This month has been a bit of a debacle regarding my charting.  I have a lot of blank spaces in my temperature chart...and I've only checked my cervix and mucus a few times.

At the same time though, I decided to just let go.  Sex hadn't been much fun.  Not when I announce..."OK!  Lets go!  we gotta make a baby!"  I think we missed ovulation last month due to...uh...stress.  So this month I told J that we just need to relax about it.  I know approximately when I ovulate.  By using FAM we have sex during that 10 day window...whenever.  I realize every 3 days is optimal...I stopped counting and decided to have fun.

yesterday, on day 23 of my cycle I started spotting.  I generally spot on day 28/29, a couple days before my 'true flow' starts.  I was feeling crampy, with mild sharp pain earlier in the day.  Just like period cramps.  I was so confused.  It's a week before my period is due.  I'm pretty darnd regular.  And then the spotting, that was different from my regular spotting. 

I've read that implantation happens around 9 days after ovulation...yesterday was (if I ovulated when I was 'supposed' to) day 11.

I polled a special list on FB and their experiences with implantation pain  where more severe than mine...but another friend's experience was the same...period like cramps and spotting.

DUDE...I'm trying SO hard not to get excited...I get excited every month.  And then I cry when I get my period.

BUT.  This is how I met J...ha!  I said.  "EFF this trying so hard...what ever happens happens"...and happened.  so maybe...just maybe it happened again.

I'm not holding my breath though...maybe my cycle is whacked. 

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