Saturday, February 23, 2013

a choice!

Today I made a choice to use a local business.

I needed to print a couple pages, and out printer isn't functioning.  So I went to Copy Cat.  I really only spent 75 cents there.  Not a huge thing.  The lady was nice (and patient.  She had 4 bratty kids in the store whose father couldn't/wouldn't control them.  They went and typed on someone elses document while he was at the desk asking a question, and pushed buttons on the printer and activated something.  She was great.  Firm, and great)  I'll go back!

I was printing some signage for Brazapalooza.  Click the link and you'll go to the event page.  Click THIS and you'll go to Braz's band page, with the album.  And a letter, from Braz, about what is going on.

J is donating an hour massage.  I'm donating 2 8X10 photos, and a 3 item package: a Li'l Scrapper, an 8X10 photo, and some photo gift cards.  My work also donated a gift bag!

I'm feeling pretty jazzed about this, with all this local talk going on.  Braz's community:  Friends from Lunacy Cabaret, his other bands; The Starfires and The Fabulous Quitters, a local coffee shop; Merchants of Green Coffee, friends and family are all coming together to help him.

THAT is why we need to live locally.  Big box stores wouldn't do this for you.  As charitable as Starbucks is (hey, my store donated to the cause!) they would never hold an event like this.

Tonight is going to be a fun night.  A celebration of life, community and art.

Only 5 days left to contribute to the Start Local movie.  Help a fellow out eh?

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