Friday, February 15, 2013

feelin' buggy

I'm feeling down right buggy today.  Maybe I mean wiggy.  Jittery or just plain weird.

I was going to post about how well I've been doing food wise.  About 2 weeks of no gluten.  Some grains, rice and buckwheat.  Very very little sugar.  Just some lemonade and chai latte, and a bite or two when Jason gets a choky bar.  Subing in raw honey and maple syrup.

I felt happy, and people noticed.  No one was so bold as to tell me out right, but people interacted with me differently.  It was great.  I even *liked* people.  That was huge.  I didn't think people where likeable.

Then I ate a breakfast meal at Mc Donalds, and 2 pieces of cinnamon loaf from work. 

Grump city.  Headache and fatigue.

I will never do that again. 

I have to be SO on top of my eating.  I need to make my chia pudding and chocolate slop (I have no idea how she got it so stiff!  she says she didn't use beaters!) and set aside time to bake.  I can put bot of those in mason jars!

I challenge you today.  No more gluten!  and cut back on sugar.  I bet you'll feel the wold of difference!

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