Saturday, February 9, 2013

my day

I'm rather excited. 
It snowed yesterday.  All day.

Today it's sunny.
I'm going on a photo walk!

First the gym for kettle bell class.  and a sauna.
Then I'll walk to St. Lawrence market.
It's almost 3 KM.  I walk more than that everyday, too and from work. 

Keep you eyes peeled for some snowy photographs!!

In other news, my friend Beat is having some pretty major surgery soon, and is having a fund raiser.  I'm planning on making a little package of a set of gift cards, a 8x10 print and a custom t-shirt.  Ms. Tuesday and I are also doing a burlesque to help entertain the crowd. 

My cousin had brain surgery last week.  It was a success, and she's home.  The staples came out.  She's got a wicked scar behind her ear.

If you are paying types, or energy senders or thought thinkers, could you add both of them in?

Some good news.  One of my customer friends came to see us after a doctors appointment and he is healthy as can be, after spending a year thinking he had a condition that pretty much guaranteed  cancer.  It's all gone.  *phew*

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