Friday, February 1, 2013

Start Local

I have a pet project.

The making of the documentary Start Local

One of the producers/film makers just happens to be a friend.  But thats only part of why I'm supporting this project.

There are some really good reasons to support your local area.  Being in Toronto, that means shopping at the independent stores in my neighbourhood, before I hop on the TTC and head to big box stores.  And, shop in Toronto, before I hope in a car and go to Buffalo.

Nate and Ashley Live in Midland so that is where they are focusing.

But but, I'm not *from* Midland you say.  That isn't supporting Local!

To that I say, support this project and help get that word out there.  What it's like to support your area.  And maybe local is Ontario, or Canada vs. the US, or France.

Here is Nate's take on why one should support Start Local.

I happen to agree!

If you have a little extra money, please go to the indigogo page and donate.

Can't donate? Share the story.


an article about the movie

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