Wednesday, February 27, 2013

what does it mean?

Start Local's indigogo campaign only has a day left!!  go poke around the sites and see what's new.  there are a handful of videos that are really quite inspiring.  It was one of the sponsor videos that got me inspired to hope on board!!

What does it mean to live local?

I've been musing over this for a few days. 

Regarding produce, I buy Ontario over Canada, Canada over US, and US over South America.
I'm not sure I would be able to eat much produce in the winter just buying local.

Regarding everything else?

I try to go to small independent stores first.  I live 'on the Danforth'.  For me that means going to The Big Carrot, Strictly Bulk, or one of the small produce stores first before I go to Lablaws.

And that's about it for now.  That's as far as I think.  Food. 

I buy my underwear on sale at the mall, or at big box stores. 
I buy my toothpaste at Shoppers because Tom's of Maine is less expensive there.
I buy my toilet paper at Lablaws 'cause, well, it's less expensive than the corner store, and I get the PC 'green' TP.

In a Big City, what does local even mean?

There is a health food store that Sister works at that I go to because she works there.  It is independently owned.  And as long as they treat her right, I'll go there when she doesn't work there when I am in the neighbourhood, over going to Shoppers across the street from it.

In the summer I go to the farmers market in a park near me.
And when I have Saturday mornings off I go to St. Lawrence Market.

I think my focus is going to be keeping out of Big Chain stores.  Lablaws, Shoppers, Ardene (heh...I have an Ardene addiction!), Home Depot, Starbucks (well, you know...unless I'm at work), Mac Donalds (yes, I eat Mac Donalds on occasion), Dollerama etc..  I've go a lot of navigating to do.  Like where to buy my underwear, toothpaste and toilet paper.

On the entertainment front I feel like I'm ok.  When we go to the movies, we go to a local theatre, rather than a chain.  We go see live shows our friends (or I am) in. 

I wish Toronto had more than one bowling ally!

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