Wednesday, March 13, 2013


So, the Starbucks news is:

A manager quit.  Without notice.  That leaves the poor staff scrambling for a shift (or higher) to cover the holes.

Oh, what?  there aren't enough shifts in the district to cover? 

Even though this won't solve the imidiate problem.

But whateves.

That means my promotion that has been waffling "oh it will happen if this this this, or this and this, or this happens" is being fast tracked.  As in, I have to officially interview, and it's this Friday and a second in a week. 


The sad part is I have to change store again.

I was just getting used to my new store!

I will be going to Lakeshore and Leslie.  The one in the Canadian tire etc. building.  It's farther away than I want, but the one time I phantomed there I really liked the vibe.  The only problem is that the tills are 4 inches too low, so I have to bend over to get change.  But Leslie Street Spit!  YA!

Any way.  it's movement.  and that's good.

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