Sunday, March 31, 2013


*that* was a cruddy blogging week.  My apologies.

I'm finding myself wondering what to write about these days. 

I don't feel like I have a lot of fun/ny stuff going on.  and I don't what to winge all the time!

Currently I'm trying to finish up writing a 15 minute clown turn for submission for @toronto Festival of Clowns.

I'm feeling really nervous about it. 

What else is going on here?

Starbucks update:
I'm on a Partner Development Plan.
Where you pick 3 things to improve, What you can do to improve them, and what success will look like.  It feels like a punishment, but I've been assured it's just so the DM has results to see, so she can tell the RM (Regional Manager) that things are happening.

Baby news: 
I feel like the old adage "no news is good news" doesn't fit here. 
We're still actively trying.  That's it!

We're just living our lives.
My eating habits have slid again.

I found some inspiration in a Toronto "nutritionista".  Meghan Telpner.  I don't know a lot about what she does yet, but she's written a book called Undiet.
From what I've seen and read she's all about whole foods as 'medicine'.  She 'cured' her Crohn's Disease, and now teaches and writes.  (She is a nutritionist as well, as is her hubby, so she's not just doing this off the cuff)
She teaches a class called "Culinary Nutrition Expert" and I hope to take it soon. 

I think I know a lot about what she is talking about.  I know I need to Eat gluten free, and whole foods.  Sometimes it's overwhelming.  Maybe reading, and following the book will heal.  Then to get hands on?  Amazing. 

Back after I hurt my shoulder at Ace Bakery I had been looking at doing the Holistic Nutrition course Sister ended up doing, so something like this is right up my ally.  Maybe we can do it together!

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