Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh, Hai.

Today was a gorgeous day.  It was 10*C and sunny. 
I got off work early, and went to the Y.  I rowed 2K, and felt good enough to do the elliptical machine for 10 minutes and SWEAT.  I found out Farewell Cool Reason is a stellar band to row to.  I rocked out and rowed.  Ha.  
There was a woman on an elliptical machine across the room from me doing the same thing.  I think smiling while you work out is a good thing! 

Then I saw my friend Allan on the subway and was sad I was only going one stop.  It was nice seeing him.  He was on his way home from teaching his weekly drop in improv class. Then he was going to wake Mullet up to do a show tonight.  I didn't get a chance to ask what the show was...hold on, I'll go troll around Facebook and see if it's a public event!

... ... ...

Oh look!  it's Lizzy Violets Cabaret Noir.  Looks like fun and is PWYC. 

I'm pooped though.  I only slept 5 hours last night.  Looks like I'm starting to suffer from both insomnia and migraines. 

I've been meaning to start meditation again.  That helps with calming my brain down. 

Last night I was going though a mind interview for becoming a shift supervisor.  There isn't an official date, but SM#2  says it's happening. 
Yes, SM#2.  I'm being shared between two stores right now.  I'm mostly at store #2 right now.  I really like the manager.  We're both Leos.  It's a good thing. 
I'll be getting split between both stores as they both only need someone part time.

SM#2 is grooming me to eventually become an ASM and then a SM

The only thing getting in my way is a baby!  ha.  Not that I care *that* much.  It would be nice to have a salaried job, but if I get pregnant and I decided not to go back to work.  Meh.  I'm not loosing *that* much.  Just don't tell the DM that or she won't even promote me to SS!

*SM=Store Manager, ASM=Assistant Store Manager, DM=District Manager.

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