Saturday, April 26, 2014

3 months!!

LeoB is now 17 Lbs!!  and busting out of 6 month clothes!!
I was starting to wonder if it was possible I was feeding too much, but according to this article it's not.  Also, all the weight/age stats are for bottle fed babies, not breast fed babies, and that makes a difference.  Bottle fed babies have a steady increase, where breastfed (specifically 'on demand') babies gain lots in the first 3 or 4 months, then plateau.  Often bottle fed babies actually get bigger than breast fed in the end.

LeoB is now singing along when we sing to him.

He also joins in conversations.  He makes his vocalizations when other people are talking.  He's started to talk to his toys, alone, too!

He's definitely teething.  Jason dubbed him Crankenstien.  We're using an amber necklace, and homeopathic remedies so far.  They seem to calm him quite a bit.  No baby Tylonal yet.  I can feel a bump, bottom front and centre!  A drooly guy!

He's SO close to sitting up with no assistance.  We have a Bumbo seat that he seems to like, although he looks pretty darned funny in it.

He's figured out grabbing, but hasn't quite figured out hand mouth coordination yet. He's not able to hold on to much either, so he's not able to hold anything to help with teething.

holding Dada's hand

shadows on a walk



a preferred sleeping position

sitting up

playing with Dada

baby burrito

holding Mommy's hand

tasting the wind

enjoying the Bumbo

sleeping with his water buffalo

Getting a bottle from Dada (I went to work!)

he makes this face when he's concentrating (not pooping!)

Mommy and LeoB cuddling after Easter

Yes, it's a breast!  Love feeding my guy!

cuddling Sophie
(thee months photo to come!  Mr. napped the afternoon away and we didn't take the photos.  Today we're going to a meet and greet baby shower with my dads side of the family.  so tomorrow!)

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