Thursday, April 10, 2014

week 10

At this rate I'm going to blink and he'll be 16 and surly.  (just like his brother is now!  16 is tough)

He LOVES me.  He is always tracking me when I'm in the room. 
He's really quite happy in other peoples arms too though, and I'll happy to pass him off.  I try not to hover too much.

He's not grabbing much yet.  He has seemed to figure out hand mouth coordination now though.  Although sometimes he misses his mouth.  I've been encouraging thumb sucking.  He likes soothers, but soothers fall out and when he's cranky and trying to fall asleep and the soother falls out, I have to put it back in.  He will eventually be able to consistently get his own thumb in there.
LeoB has been chewing his tongue too.  It's quite cute!

I haven't started 'sleep training' yet.  We do go to bed around 10 every night.  That's as far as I've gone as far a a schedule goes.  We do our 9:30/10:00/10:30 nursing laying down in bed with the lights out.  9/10 nights we both fall asleep.  I've learned to swaddle LeoB as he is a flailer and wakes himself and me!) up with all his movement.  I can also put him in the co-sleeper if I don't fall asleep right away.  If he's not swaddled he wakes up when I move him.  I get a deeper sleep if he's not right there.  We often have about 4 hours of sleep (10ish-2ish).  LeoB starts whimpering and grunting and I pull him over and we nurse in our sleep a couple times.  Often around 5 he gets really restless and we ajourn to the living room so Dada can get some uninterrupted sleep as LeoB is *really* loud with his grunting and kicking (he shakes the bed!).  I'll often pop him in the swing and he'll fall back asleep and I'll nap on the couch until 7 when he eats.  I generally get 6 hours of good sleep now a days.

Soon I'll start my research on a method I feel good about since LeoB doesn't sleep alone yet unless he falls asleep in the swing.  I'm not in a rush though.  I love having him sleeping on me.  Unless I have to pee or am hungry!!

He's started laughing!  It's a 'hur hur hur' laugh.  It's great.

He's enjoying sitting up with our support.  He looks proud!  We also have a Bumbo seat.  His head lolls back a little when he's in it, so I don't leave him in for long, but encourage him to have his head up.

We've discovered the mirror too.  We've had a couple fun times chatting thought our reflections.

We're doing well.  Happy the weather is getting warmer!!

speaking of nice weather.  Out for our first walk while LeoB was awake! 
Oh, and I got my hair cut.  I went to the west end (at West Salon) and wrapped Lionel up with Auntie S.  Got my head massaged and my hair cut.  It was about 45 minutes all alone.  He was good, and so was I!

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