Tuesday, April 29, 2014

sugar "free"

With some prompting from other moms in my on line mommy group, I've decided that May is going to be sugar "free".

I've put quotes around free because I'm still eating fruit.  Dried, juiced, blended or whole.  I think I'm also going to bake with some honey and agave for an occasional treat.

I guess what I'm really doing is eating whole foods.  Nothing from a package, and I'm not going to add refined sugar to *anything*.  I'm also not going to add honey (or other) to my coffee, cereal/granola or toast.  I'm also going to stay away from stivia, and artificial sweeteners as I'm not concerning myself with calories.  I'm concerning myself with eating more healthfully than I have been.

I've made a 'sugar free' board on Pinterest for possible sweets to make.

I need to make sure I've got a daily plan.  I'm pulling this out of ...um, accumulated stuff I've read.  And I'm fully aware I've tried stuff like this before!!
It's got to be loose and easy with LeoB around.
Lets see what a day might look like:

wake up - oil pull, and prep warm water and lemon/lime.
first breakfast - granola and yogurt
second breakfast - smoothie
elevensies - carrot and hummus/celery and peanut butter/apple and cheese
lunch - sandwich and bone broth
snack -baked good
dinner - extra veg.
snack - pop corn...?

I have to drink my 1685 ml jug of water!

lets see if I can stay on track!

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