Tuesday, April 1, 2014

day's 4 and 5 happy days

I don't have a photo for Day 4:
My dad came over on his way home from visiting my Grandma.  He was dropping off the cradle my Grandpa made for my cousin when he was born.  We had had sad news from my Uncle, that he has been diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis is 12-18 months, and my dad was over to help support Grandma, who scoffed, not at the support, but at the implication that she was 'emotionally crippled' and needed looking after lol.  I wouldn't call my grandma feisty.  she is very gentle, and I guess that's why all her children thought she'd need someone there.  Regardless, she didn't 'need' the support, although it was welcome.  That made me feel better, because my heart hurt for her since my Grandpa passed.  (wait...I don't think I've written about that...He passed early March, I'll talk about it soon)

Day 5: LeoB's first walk while he was awake.  And thankfully, it was a beautiful day as he had his hear thrown back and was taking it all in.  I also want to my first mommy group.

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