Sunday, December 12, 2010

the fair!!

I'm never writing "I'll post photos tomorrow"  ever again...


so the first day of "Artisan Gift Fair" was kinda cruddy.  I *just* made back the price of my table.  I was supposed to get a ride there from a friend.  well, long (personal) story short...her guy turned off her phone so she didn't get my wake up call...I made it there on transit!  I *love* my bundle buggy!  *lovelovelove*  AND our public transit system.  there where elevators at both sides of my subway ride so I didn't have to hump my buggy up or down.

the show was ok.  it was slow slow slow.  BUT
my friends Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and his parents, newly named Grammy and Granddad Smith came to show with 5 day old baby Smith.  I almost died.  and almost cried.  And I have a cold so I didn't hold him.  (that too made me want to cry)
Toodles and Sally came, and Cory and Laura.   and Japhet and Paula and Uncle Fee Fee too!  so happy making.  My sister Sarah came to help and brought her girlfriend Katy too.
I really think if it wasn't for all of them coming to support me (with AND with out buying) I would have cried for real and felt much more defeated than I did.

here are the promised photos, along with some from the fair.  (no t-shirts yet though...)



 Fabric yoyos

 Li'l Scrappers
 Too Woo






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