Wednesday, December 15, 2010

X-Mess shopping

I'm a bit of a Grinch.  I don't really *like* Christmas that much. 

I LOVE giving.  but...I's a bit much.  I hope that one day I can calm down and just enjoy it.  I dis-like getting *stuff*.  I LOVE presents.  But when they are well thought out.  I prefer nothing, or a card, over a bag full of *stuff* I don't need, from China.

Here is a great article about gift giving for kids:

maybe we can do this for our adult recipients too! 

I finished my main Christmas shopping...mostly things to make gifts. 
My hubby and I have got into the tradition of giving stockings to our family.  I'm a little torn, cause it's alway *stuff* but I try and put thought into the items I get, and try to get quality.  although sometimes, like this year, I couldn't resist a couple cheap joke gifts for my sister and Katie...I'll let you know after Christmas.
The stockings are always fun socks too...

A few years ago I also started making tree ornaments for my extended family.  we seem to have started a tradition of bringing home made gifts for everyone.  Home made chocolates, candied nuts, knit scarves.  This will be the 3rd year of ornaments from me.

We're having a lot of trouble thinking of what to get Jason's son Pickle.  He's 13 and is only interested in video games.  literally.  He won't read on principle.  and although he has a talent for it, he has stopped drawing and playing the trumpet.  Poor kid.

this year we don't have a space or budget for a tree, so I decorated out we have a Christmas hibiscus!

10 days 'til touch down. 
Are you ready?  how do YOU cope?

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  1. Hard to read your grey text over the bird shapes, fyi. :)