Monday, December 20, 2010

giftmas roll call

I have one stocking 100% done.  *phew*
Jason and I started doing stockings instead of gifts a few years back.  If it can fit in a knee high sock, you may get it as a gift.  and that's a lot. 

there is a possibility that my Mommy, Sarah and Katie (sister and girlfriend) read this, so you will have to wait until after Giftmas to know what I made for them! 

For Jason:
awesome dark yellow, kinda tiger stripped socks.
a 5 oz flask
earbuds ('cause he keeps stealing mine!!!)
a longsleeved t-shirt I bought...has a really neat bird print on it.
a knit alpaca touque
and I'm going to make him a bodum (french coffee) press cozy
and I think thats it...we don't do big gifts here

for my Mother in law, Jan, all the 'kids' got together and chipped in and bought a flat screen tv...we know she's wanted one for a while...I'm also making her pyjamas.  she forgot a nightgown last time she was here, so borrowed a pair of pj pants from me and one of Jason's t-shirts and *loved* it. I thought I'd make her a set and make her a t-shirt too.  One with a 'Maggie' dog on it.  aka the white Scottish terrier in the dog food commercial who she loves but doesn't *want*.  and with the same matterial, I'm going to make her an eye bag.  one made with rice, or buckwheat  that you can heat or freeze.

For my step dad, I'm knitting wrist/hand warmers.  He cycles and his hands get very very cold in the winter.  I hope these help.  he's a very picky...particular he may hate them...and the funniest part never know if he likes or hates it...

My dad is in Cuba until Feb 14, so I'm not worrying about him or my step mom right now.  *phew*

I *think* I'll get everything done.  I *hope*.  I smashed my knee today.  I got tangled in a loop of newspaper binding and fell funny and twisted and bruised my knee.  I still need to go out to get a few more 'fixings' for gifts.  : /  I'm also in charge of pie for Christmas dinner!  eeee!  I'm going to make a squash (rather than pumpkin...) apparently pumpkin is quite runny, and butternut squash makes it just as nice.  and I want to be a marter and make it from scratch...but not the crust! ha ha. I'm also going to make an apple crisp.  And on the 26th I'm bringing dessert and bread to my moms family Christmas.  I better start planning that too...

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