Monday, October 31, 2011

and sometimes...

...sometimes home remedies just don't do the trick and one gets sick regardless.

It seems as though I have bronchitis.  The great part about having a nurse for a husband is he has a stethoscope and knows how to use it.  After listening to my lungs J figured there wasn't any fluid (not pneumonia) but my bronchi where mightily inflamed.  I was wheezing, and my chest was rattling!!  It seemed to have started with a mild sinus infection that either moved to my airway or, allowed a second infection to move in.  Regardless, I'm miserable!

I got some recommendations for herbs to use to help with the cough.  I went to Thuna Herbs and they made me a tea.  It tastes like...gross.  Very bitter.  But after 3 doses, it seems to be coughing is less, but actually productive.  (meaning I'm coughing up mucus, rather than coughing for no good reason).  I also too Buckly's so I could sleep better.  Talk about gross.  *sigh*.  I was looking for something without sugar as I had been drinking a lot of honeylemonginger, and I was sugared out.  I took one for a wet cough, that helps with mucus.

I'm feeling somewhat better today.  I couldn't breath yesterday, and felt 80.  I feel at least 40 today.  (ha ha).  still a little wheezy, but much less zombified.

Super sad to have missed Hallowe'en though.

The "cough support" tea was:
1/2 oz horehound
1 oz of each
red poppy

One tbsp *loose* in a mug steeped in very hot water for 20 minutes.  Strain and drink.  Do not add sweeteners, but add lemon juice if you want (I added a half a lemon).  At least three times a day.

Now, this morning I had drank a cup of black coffee before drinking the tea, and the tea was bearable.  maybe the bitter coffee helped with the bitter herbs.  It seems to be helping the sick...lets hope no one eles gets it!

OH!  also, J got his first nursing job today!  YA!

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