Sunday, October 16, 2011

Becca, the gimpy housewife

In two seconds I went to having two jobs and one fully functional hand to maybe one job, and two partially functional hands.
This Saturday I rolled my ankle, fell, and dislocated and fractured my left pinkie.  The ankle is blessedly just fine.  My left hand is in a gutter (half) cast.  We (my darling friend Miss. for the first half and J for the second) where only in the ER for 2 hours.  The worst part was the needles for freezing.  That pain was worth it for the reduction (putting everything back into place).  I just kept saying "woah...that feels so weeiiiiiirrrd". 
I say 2 partially functional hands because Friday I cut my thumb sharpening tools at work!!!  It's quickly on the mend, but some tasks hurt, like hitting the space bar, turning a key, or pulling a zipper.
There is no way to finish the gardening season now.  I'm hoping to be able to get medical leave EI (employment insurance).  I *just* got hired at a new job too.  Not sure how that will work out now.
Well.  At least I can still cook.  Just eating a lamb stew I gimpped together lol.  nice and 'rustic'.
I'm getting tired of one fingered typing...
my new friend Harvey

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