Friday, October 21, 2011

More homeopathy and some life

So, two days later.  I had scaled back the pellets.  More pain!  I'm going to go back to the dose I was doing before and see if it helps.  Very interesting.

No news from the specialist, so I better call.  Sunnybrook ER was great, but I guess ER docs don't hand out info, like how long I'll be in this danged cast.  Harvey is great, but I want my hand back!

Some good news, at least from a friend who's torn finger ligaments.  He didn't have surgery, just physio.  So I have hope that *if* the ligaments where torn, no knives will be involved.

This has thrown me for a loop.  I'm pretty sure I'm depressed!  The little motivation I had before is gone, all I want to do is eat and watch movies.  I almost forgot to go to La and Nat's book launch.  I had even reminded J, and myself several times.  I did make it, with 15 minutes to spare.  I almost turned around too!  (go check out Sparrowling Press!)  Right now my cure is getting up and getting out!

I'm attending a conference with Sister this weekend.  Friends are coming over to watch a movie.  Sounds good.  J is going away to GWs with Pickle, so I'm glad I've got busy!

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