Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm not even sure if this post will make any apologies if it doesn't.

It's SO weird.  I've been feeling myself get sicker and sicker all day.  Fire throat, sore ear, snot and messed up sinuses.  I guess I just normally feel kinda off one day, and then wake up at deaths door.  *This* time it's like watching a bath fill's not really noticeable, but it's getting fuller.  (I told you it wouldn't make sense). 

Instead of whine, I thought I'd share my sick remedies.
1. oregano oil.  I do 3 or 4 drops a few times a day...that's kinda arbitrary...maybe you should follow what the bottle says??
2.  Hot tea. asap.  make a pot.  and then another.  this makes you pee.  A LOT.  I hate peeing.  It's such a bother.  But I suppose it flushes out the sick.
3.  Hot bath with eucalyptus.
4.  Don't let yourself get cold after the bath.  touque, scarf, socks slippers and make yourself into a blanket burrito.  Sweat it out.
5.  Make your spouse go out and buy you lemons and ginger.  Make a hot lemon with chopped ginger, honey (RAW) and a dash of cayenne. (sweat!)
6.  chicken soup.  home made or at least those expensive jars.  you need whole foods, not crap.  In the bottom of the bowl add some
7. raw chopped garlic.  Raw garlic is supposed to be fab for you.  If you can stand it chew a clove!!
8.  Sleep.  in a blanket burrito.  keep sweating, and rest.

oh, and if your throat is sore, gargle salt water.

here's hoping I get better soon!

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