Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Workshop Wednesday

My new favourite meal.
It's a pie stew thing.  But with no crust...
I got the idea from a friends leek sausage pie.

With my cast I couldn't do pie crust, and I can't do wheat, so a bought crust was out of the question (and anyway, ewww)

So, turn on your oven to...oh, 350/400, and using a deep oven proof skillet, cook onions and garlic in some olive oil and butter.  I guess it's called 'sweating'.  I didn't want them brown.  Use medium heat.  Then add meat.  Sausage (whole) or chicken thighs...or pork chops!  Turn up the heat some and brown them nice.  Don't turn the heat up too much so the meat cooks a little and the onions and garlic don't burn.  Add the lid and chop your leek, add it, and flip the meat.  Cut a few baby potatoes in half and add them.  Plop on a can of Amy's mushroom soup, along with a half can of water or milk.  If you like stew pie thick mix a couple tablespoons of flour (any flour will do) with the water.   Giver a stir and bring to a boil.  Put a layer of spinach, put on the lid, and stick skillet in oven and cook until the meat and potatoes are done. 

I kinda just made that up...sorry for the vague instructions!  I cooked some brown rice and it was delish!  oooo, I wonder if I added rice to the skillet if it would work!  try it, let me know!

(Amy doesn't know who I am and no one gave me money or product, I just happen to like to use her stuff more than Campbell's or some such)

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