Saturday, April 6, 2013

Smoothie majik

My friend Kate often posts about the smoothies and other delectable healthy food she makes.  One day she she said she put cilantro in her smoothie.  I was inspired.

I made a peach cilantro smoothie, and then next day, a peach, strawberry smoothie.

Peach Strawberry Cilantro Smoothie
Plug in your blender.
Plop in
a banana
6 strawberries, leaves and all.  The leaves apparently are full of vitamins too.
6 slices (or one whole, minus the pit) peach
1/2 cup of yogourt
2 tbsp OJ concentrate
a large handful  of washes cilantro
Pour coconut water half way up
full the rest of the way up, to just under where the other ingredients stop, with water

Blend!  (oh, put the lid on first)

This made about 1 litre of smoothie.

I was in smoothie heaven.  I kept saying "mmmmm" out loud.

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