Thursday, April 18, 2013

One week (plus) - no sugar

It's been 11 days!

I had two oopses.  I put ketchup on my fries.  At least it was organic?  And the sandwich meat had sugar in it.  Damn hidden sugar!

oh, and I licked a bit of caramel.  Just for the taste.  Two licks and I threw it out.

Day 3 was the hardest.  I guess it was when my body started to clue in.


I was also *very* bloated and gassy.  It was foul.  I chalk that up to the death of yeast.  Apparently if the yeast dies too fast the toxins can actually harm you.  I'm glad I'm taking it slow, and not doing the full on candida diet.  The candida diet is no sugar at all, not even fruit sugar.  And certain vegetables are off the list too, things like carrots and sweet potatoes. 

I have just started menstruating, and I had a pretty big chocolate craving yesterday.  To celebrate my one week I allowed myself a feather of chocolate, made with agave.

The biggest problem I have encountered this week was a pretty big IBS flareup.  I actually left work early, and left them in the lurch. 

The saddest part for me is that I really haven't felt any better.  I'm going to keep going though.  What I've read says that yeast die off makes things worse.

I've been reading Megan Telpner's UnDiet.  A lot of it I know.  Very basically, eat whole foods, stay away from sugar, alcohol and caffeine.  She goes into what a calorie is, and why we should ignore them.  We need to drink more, and almost only water.

She goes into cravings, and habit changing.  

All in all I'm inspired to keep making changes to my lifestyle.  Because she doesn't just talk about diet.  This has to be my new life.

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