Monday, April 29, 2013

half a dozen

I've started half a dozen posts this week!

I think the problem is that I've got a lot going on in my head!

a list if you will:

-The impending Starbucks promotion.
          I hate that this is taking up so much of my brain power.  Being conniving is not in my nature.  It also saddens me that I need to be conniving for a job I'm practically already doing.  And one that is only $1 an hour more than I'm making now.

- I submitted a 15 minute turn to Toronto Festival of Clowns and got accepted!
          Now I have 5 weeks to perfect this turn.  I feel ill (in a good way!) every time I think about it. 

- My new way of eating
          No sugar is way hard!  Making sure I have food to eat so I don't eat junk is hard.  I just have to keep on keeping on, because I DO feel better.

- Baby making
          Still going at it.  (ha ha)

- Getting to the gym
          I need to get fit!  No sugar help keep me slim, but I am SO out of shape.  Tai chi and weight lifting are in order.  Working almost 40 hours a week makes it hard. 

- Performances other than Festival of Clowns
          I have 2 other performances coming up for Lunacy Cabaret too!!  I've done both before, so it's just a matter of rehearsing a couple times.

I'm not sure, other than going day to day, what will make this next month easier.
I'm not feeling too over whelmed.  But I find myself split.  I'll start one thing, and jump to another. 

Focus.  I need to focus.  Good food will help with that.

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