Monday, April 8, 2013

sugar free - day one

I did it!  I didn't eat sugar today!

I'm including any sweetener, including maple syrup and honey.
I need to make strategies to keep it up though.

I need ready snacks, and drinks for at work.  For now I'm going to include things with fruit.  I can weed them out once I get hard core.
I'm also sticking to whole foods.  No chips,  processed or other junk food either.

Celery and nut butter
Dried fruit
Nuts and seeds
yogourt and fruit
Banana bread made with dates/apple sauce rather than sugar
beef jerky, home made
kim chi
crackers, home made
Veggies, veggies and more veggies and dip - guacamole!  Hummus!

I've got 2 days off, and I'll try to get as much of this prepped.

I've got to think about drinks too.  I can have tea!  I'd like to stay away from coffee too.  We have hot tea and cold tea.  For now I can drink apple juice if I'm feeling like I want something sweet.  I can also have the smoothies for now, as well as the juice we add to it.

I just need to create new habits. 
I can do this, and be healthy.

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