Friday, April 19, 2013

no sugar fail

You may have noticed my sugar free ticker is back to 1.

I had a fail day today.  I was feeling rather grumpy.

I got written up at work.  A customer decided that they wanted to cause a ruckus, and came into the store with an agenda.  When things didn't go their way (for a $1 off coupon!) they contacted my district manager, and I got blamed.  My manager didn't want to write me up because she saw I really was in the right, but she feels she has to play the game too.  My promotion is not in jeopardy, she made that clear.

(the guy didn't give me a chance to 'just say yes'.  He was all wham bam I want your district managers number.  Fucker)

So grump.  I didn't binge.  But I did consciously eat sugar and wheat.

The nice thing is.  Tomorrow.  It's another day.

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