Sunday, April 7, 2013

boooooobs (uh, tmi if you don't want to hear about my 'cycle')

yes, that's right.  Boobs.

Lately I have had the unfortunateness (shut up spell check, it is SO a word) of sore breasts during the last 2 weeks of my menstrual cycle.

One of the annoying PMS symptoms that is *also* a pregnancy symptom. 

I thought last month was bad.

This month I can't do anything with out my boobs hurting.  Wearing a bra, not wearing a bra.  Sports bra, underwire, no wire.  No dice.  Walking, running, standing, laying down; on my back or side or front.  I am walking around moaning "booooooooooobs"

Picture if you will; I am wearing a turquoise pashmina tied around my chest.  Why?  maybe the colour helps...

I googled "breast soreness remedies"

I need to:
eat flax
take calcium and magnesium
take evening primrose oil
Put cabbage leaves on my breasts
cold compress
hot compress
and take asprin, or tylonal.

I also decided to ask Facebook.

My friends decided I have candida. 

So I googled *that*.
All the tests and quizzes I did say I more than likely have candida.

I looked at all the candida diets.


I'm going to quit refined sugar right now.

After I get my period I will start hard core.  That will be the 17th or so.
I'm putting it off because we *are* trying to get pregnant, and I don't want to go too drastic if I happen to be. 

That means:
no sugar.  Only stivia to sweeten *gag*.
no fruit.  smoothies! *sob*
no caffeine.  "oh, no starbucks patron, I don't drink anything in the store."
no alcohol (meh)
no gluten (what eves)
no legumes
no starchy veg
no yeast
no cheese, milk

For now.  no sugar no gluten, and more flax and cabbage.

On the plus side, I can eat fermented veg...
I can make kim chi, and sauerkraut and yogourt.

Does ceasar dressing count??

On another note.  I *have* been feeling rather yucky lately.  I also think I have something wrong with my gallbladder.  Odd pain in my lower right rib area.  I'm making an appointment with my doctor to get checked out, and I'll mention this candida thing.

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