Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a Start Local update

It's been a bit since I've talked about Start Local, and living local.

That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it though!

I think I've figured out what living local means to me.

First I look for product that was made in Canada.  Or really, as close to my home as possible.  Sometimes that means Ontario, and sometimes that even means Toronto.  Being in a big city means I have the luxury to get on the ttc and seek out Toronto made items.

Then I need to stick to my small independently owned stores.  My green grocers and butchers.  Rather than Lablaws or Soby's.  When I need to go to a larger store for things like toilet paper in more than 4 rolls (and eco friendly) I will go to an independently owned grocery store like No Frills.  We had a local independent large grocery store, but it close recently. 

I'm challenging myself to buy one thing a week local that I normally wouldn't.  Go to the butcher, farmers market, health food store, small pharmacy.

I live in a neighbourhood that has all that and more for me to shop local.  I don't want anymore good stores to close in my 'hood because I was being lazy!

The Start Local team has a trailer ready!  Click HERE to watch!

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