Wednesday, March 23, 2011


although my hair dresser might shoot me...I'm going to try going shampoo free.

EEEEWWWWW! you say!

I say EEEEEEWWWWWW to your chemical laden, natural oil stripping, junk you put on your hair!



HOW am I going to stay clean?  that heady smell, although not putrid...isn't exactly nice.

Baking soda and apple cider vinegar.  Are you picturing volcano science experiments?  I am! 


Well...that won't happen in the bath every day.  Too bad eh!?  I've tried this before, but didn't get far...I was younger, and probably forgot to buy more stuff.

I already rinse about once a week with vinegar.  No, I don't smell like salad!

My concern is I have dandruff.  As you may know, dandruff is caused by fungus.  I'm not sure WHY, but it's impossible to kill...just to deal with.  I use the ACV to help with that.  but I do use a dandruff shampoo when I get particularly itchy.  It's expensive and Chemically, and stinky.  I don't like commercial shampoo smells.

Here is a blog with instructions I was directed to by Kelly at Becoming Crunchy!  Kelly inspired me to go all out with this experiment. 

This is for me, and my yet unconceived child. 

We just went easily organic with Mama Earth Organics.  It's been a week and I'm really happy with their produce so far.  AND even J has noticed how much better the food tastes (that could also be the not smoking...YAY!).  I even enjoyed oranges.  I feel kinda guilty eating fruit out of season, and they have a 100% local box.  Even right now it had some good stuff!  But I wanted the bananas, and they assure us the food they CAN get local they do get local.  They have their list of farmers, and I'm REALLY looking forward to May when new food comes out!  YAY spinach!

So, slowly slowly we're getting fewer and fewer chemicals in this house.

I've refused to get a new rug because it's $50.  They are synthetic and off gas and who the heck knows where it cam from and who made it.

I just bought myself a stainless steel sandwich box.  two layers!  We're loosing all our plastic tupperware, so I thought I'd replace some with non plastic.  I'd also like to get some of the tempered glass dishes with lids.  I've started to use mason jars for cut up fruit and muffins!

HEY!  how did this post about shampoo turn into a post about mason jars?  I dunno...but a Mason Jar *is* what I'm going to store my baking soda in.

*edit*  I "washed" my hair with the baking soda paste, with a few drops of lavender oil for itch,  and then did a cider vinegar rinse.  My hair feels AMAZING.  And my scalp isn't itchy AT ALL.  So far so good!


  1. We quit smoking a few months before we conceived (we weren't actually even 'trying') it just felt right. So congratulations on that! :)

    It can be a crazy process to try to purge chemicals and toxins when they are so, so prevalent...but I've been noticing lately how much of an amazing difference it's making already (and I still have a ways to go!).

    Good luck lady! :)

  2. J has been trying to quit on and off since we've been together. he's started again....he blames stress...I just know there are better ways to deal with stress. oh his own time I guess.