Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NO 'POO! one week later.

So, it's been a week for no shampoo.  Now...just to gross you out a bit...I generally went a week with out shampooing *anyway*, at least in the winter when I'm not working.  YES, I bathed, and rinsed my hair in water, I just didn't shampoo...partly because I have pink in my hair, and partly 'cause I just didn't feel the need.  I *did* however do 3 soda/vinegar washes this week. 

Why did I do 3 when I generally only shampoo once?  My head smelled more heady than normal.  I bet that will calm down though...extra oil?  no detergent?  who knows...maybe it was the hat I was wearing...
or  maybe I just have to get used to smelling like a human rather than a bottle.

I'm hooked though.  My head feels clean, and my hair feels GREAT.

I'm wishing I had taken a photo before I did it last week.  I *have* used product.  My short hair looks like crud when I don't.  I'll see if that stops being an issue in time though.  If not, I'll look into natural product, I think I remember a link a friend shared on the facebook about the only natural hair product she could find...

A fun thing.  My hair squeaks when I'm rinsing out the BS, just like shampoo, so if you are afraid it won't be squeaky clean...it will!

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  1. Yay for a fellow no-pooer! :)

    I have been having fun looking up all kinds of natural hair product recipes that I could make...here's just one of the fun sites I found - http://www.longlocks.com/hair-care-recipes-cookbook.htm#fix1 :)

    I ended up making a detangler for my hair that has grapeseed oil and glycerin, among other things, and I've found that it also works well as a gel. Good luck! :)