Thursday, March 3, 2011


So, instead of putting away the laundry, I rearranged the living room.  I knew I was in trouble when I found an on line floor plan maker.  I was "just going to give it a try, then put away the laundry and show J and see what he thinks".  HA! 
So I moved all the furniture...I like it WAY better.  He HATES it.  But, I knew he would...he would have hated anything I did 'cause he doesn't like unexpected change.  And this was very unexpected, even for me.  oops.

It's not done  yet...I didn't 'finish' (put the books, and photographs back) in case he was so unhappy he wanted it all back to normal.

I'll get pictures and post them, see what you think.  Because it was SO unexpected...I don't have before pics...

J jokingly said "how do you feel?  Are you pregnant??" 
What do you say mamas?  did you have this INSANE urge to nest?  Or did I just *really* not want to put the laundry away?
It's too early to know for sure...
buh buh buh.


  1. I never had my nesting instinct kick in...I was kinda sad because I hoped it would help me get a lot of cleaning done...but I guess even my instinct knows I'm not big on cleaning! :)

  2. turns out I'm not *phew*. I'm not a cleaner either...I did manage to get all the dust jack rabbits, from under the couch though!