Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh...By The Way

So...I just realized...

Yes, I'm being pretty durnd open about the fact we are trying to get pregnant.  I'm not sure *how* much more I'm going to share.  One thing I am *not* going to share, for my sanity if something tragic should happen, is if I am pregnant.  Not until at the very least 3 months, and I might try and stretch it to 4. 
I'm sure I will tell friends and family in person, and ask them to keep it a secret.  I might ask certain people for advice.  I might keep private posts and publish them once I *do* announce it.  It's my business, and I get to choose what part of my business I share.  *ahem*  pardon my defensiveness.

I'm asking that you don't ask.  Please don't ask, I hate lying, but I will if you ask, then you might feel all upset when you find out I *did* lie to you.  So don't ask.

Thanks friends!


  1. I believe this is a wise decision in any case. And lets face it, *when* you get pregnant, people will be just as happy as if you had told them 3 months ago.

    Remember, practice makes perfect! :)